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Shuttleworth Studios is dedicated to providing the highest quality films at affordable prices with a high level of professionalism in a friendly manner. Whether you’re looking to capture precious moments in your life or share a message with the world Shuttleworth Studios can help.

Shuttleworth Studios is committed to the successful completion of each project it undertakes in a timely fashion. As the communication specialist I have completed projects in television and web advertisements, wedding videos, music videos, documentaries, independent films and more. Please see below some examples of my work: 



Brownstones Sports Lounge and Restaurant Grand Opening Advertisement

This advertisement was requested under a tight deadline. The filming took place on the day of the grand opening to insure a large crowd. The advertisement was needed immediately after post production in order to air on television and appear on the Brownstones website and online social media locations to reflect the grand opening. Once the advertisement was approved by the client it was released and well received.

Wedding Videos

Winter of 2012

Throughout my years as the Communication Specialist of Shuttleworth Studios I have filmed and edited many wedding videos. Each client has wanted something unique in a timely manner. This field of work has been a wonderful opportunity for experience and growth in video production and graphic design as well as developing better communication skills with clients.

Music Videos

Arm the INNOCENT: Maryanne

Mark Tetreault of Sarnia’s Sprowt Studios produced Arm The Innocent‘s single “Maryanne” and in collaboration with Shuttleworth Studios created a music video. I was hired as the video editor, assistant producer, and screen writer for the music video. The footage was filmed by Sprowt Studios and was then sent to Shuttleworth Studios for post production editing under a tight deadline. Within three days of editing the final cut was approved by the band and released for their debut. 

Independent Films

The adventures of DALEK AURIC

In The Adventures of Dalek Auric a web series, the idea of Auric a lost Dalek trying to integrate into Canadian society came from the creator of the robot, Rob Green Currently the project currently in the pre-production phase. Above you will see a short clip from the pilot footage.


Web Design and online development

Going beyond video production through Shuttleworth Studios I have also had the privilege to offer services in web design through wordpress and HTML code, youtube channel design social media content updates and online marketing.

Please see below some examples of my work:

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