Two Countries One World

Two Countries One World or TCOW is a United Church service and learning initiative, challenging and changing the lives of youth in Waterloo Presbytery. We strive to awaken youth to the realities of economic and social Justice Issues in developing countries and how our own trade and foreign policies effect these issues for others and for ourselves. Every two years over the March Break, we plan a trip to a developing nation, with day-long learning workshops throughout the preceding year to help prepare participants. TCOW was developed as a continuation to the growth and development of faith for youth after confirmation and as a way to encourage their global citizenship. Our mission is to change lives and produce globally aware students to help shape a more just and sustainable future.

Goals of the Service Learning Tour

  • to explore issues of social justice through both a Canadian and Latin American lens

  • to use the wisdom of our hosts to find ways to change the world through our actions at home

  • to open ourselves to change by participating in projects designed by our hosts

  • to connect with programs that are supported by our United Church Mission and Service funds

TCOW is sponsored by Waterloo Presbytery part of the Hamilton Conference of the United Church of Canada

As the producer of the TCOW service and learning trip documentaries I am responsible for all aspects of each production and its distribution. While filming on location, leading and participating in the experience it was essential that I take on more of an engaging role while filming. Interacting with the people and the world around me I was capturing the moments I experienced as well as others involved. It was an excellent challenge to find the balance between capturing the best footage and remaining engaged in faith in each moment, present and not removed by the lens.

TCOW 2013 El Salvador

This video was created to assist in the presentation of TCOW’s experience in the 2013 faith-based learning trip to El Salvador.

TCOW 2011 Nicaragua




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