The United Church of Canada London Conference


London Conference is one of the thirteen Conferences of The United Church of Canada. The United Church has four levels of decision-making, each with different responsibilities but connected to the others: the Pastoral Charge, the Presbytery, the Conference and the General Council. I was asked to create a video of the London Conference Annual Meeting. The project was aimed to offer a summary of the 3 day conference and to build awareness and interest for the conference of 2014.

Youth Forum is a program that is open to all high-school youth, filled with music and worship, workshops and conversation. It is a program for those who love to be inspired, challenged to think, meet new people and hang out with new/old/good friends. It is a retreat weekend of The United Church of Canada London Conference for enjoying an open and welcoming community where you are free to be completely yourself and explore your faith. It is also an opportunity to become a delegate for the Annual Meeting of London Conference, several delegates of the Annual Meeting are selected from each years Youth Forum participants. I have created videos for Youth Forum to be presented at the Annual Meeting each year since 2007. Each year has a different theme and a new question. Below you will find the two most recent videos that I created.

Youth Forum 2014

Youth Forum 2013

Youth Forum 2012

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